EU human rights commissioner calls for end to ‘dangerous’ conversion therapy across all of Europe

So-called “conversion therapy” has “no place in a human rights-based society”, according to the EU commissioner for human rights.

Bosnian EU official Dunja Mijatović wrote in a Thursday (16 February) report that the controversial practice is “dangerous” and should end.

Conversion therapy is an abusive attempt to change an LGBTQ+ person’s sexuality or gender identity through psychological manipulation, often carried out by religious or medical institutions and often following pressure from family members.

Not only does the practice not work, but it can also leave behind immense trauma and mental health issues for those subjected to it.

“These interventions continue to take place across Europe, often lawfully and commonly under the guise of medical or religious tenets,” Mijatović explained.

“Despite the profound and long-lasting harmful effects that these practices can have, many victims are left with neither recognition of the harms that they have endured, nor redress. This must end.”


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