About us

Who we are?

       In December 2015, we set out to be the first and only online LGBTI magazine in Azerbaijan, the Minority Magazine. Our magazine publishes articles surrounding the scientific, artistic, and psychological topics in the field of LGBTI for 3 years. Despite the excitement and pride, the fact of that we are the first LGBTI magazine in 2015 tells us of our society's narrow-mindedness. However, we have been trying to fill this gap with intellectual, entertaining, artistic, and useful information from the day we started our work. Over the past 3 years our 9 issues were published and we have been able to garner up an audience.
Our work will continue as online information spreads with LGBTI related issues and solutions. We will publish the events happening in the world, interviews with celebrities, gather public opinion, as well as articles submitted by our readers. We have committed ourselves to provide legal and psychological support through our web platform. We have even made the option to “Ask the Psychologist” and “Ask the Lawyer” through our website.

What we do?

       We believe that at a time when the world is mobile and discrimination is becoming less, the acceptance of queer people in Azerbaijan is necessary. Our main goal is to change the unjust thoughts about the LGBTI people that have been formed for many years, to enlighten the people about the related topics, and to promote the equality among all the members of our society. Taking into account the lack of materials that surrounding the LGBTI topics on the Azerbaijani Internet, we have aimed at further expanding our direction.
       Our website will include LGBTI and gender related scientific, psychological articles, interviews, news and announcements about gender and LGBTI issues in the country.

What we stand for?

  • Diversity
  • Equality
  • Safety