Grindr sent a warning message to LGBTQI+s in Egypt

Grindr, the world's most popular gay dating app, has sent a warning message to all its users in Egypt following reports of alleged entrapments and arrests of LGBTQ people in the country. NBC News reported about this. 

According to human rights groups, LGBTQI+s have been targeted through dating apps and social media in at least five Middle Eastern countries. 

Grindr's warning message said that Egyptian police are actively making arrests of gay, bi, and trans people on digital platforms using fake accounts and taking over accounts from real community members. 

The message advised users to take extra caution both online and offline, including with accounts that may have seemed legitimate in the past. Patrick Lenihan, Grindr's head of global communications, said the company is working with groups on the ground in Egypt to ensure their users have up-to-date information on how to stay safe. 

LGBTQI+s arrested in Egypt are typically charged with violating the country's "debauchery" and "prostitution" laws, and with the increased use of social media and dating apps, they are also more frequently charged with violating cyber and telecommunications laws.

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