Infringement action against Hungary

More than half of the European Union's member states have expressed their support for the European Commission's infringement action against Hungary over its controversial anti-LGBTQI+ law. This was reported by Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance. 

Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Finland, France, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Slovenia have all come together to take a stand against the discriminatory legislation.

The infringement action is aimed at ensuring the effective respect of EU law and fundamental rights of every citizen in the Union. Hungary’s anti-LGBTQI+ law has been widely criticised by the EU as being discriminatory and in violation of human rights. With the political backing of these 14 member states and the European Parliament, the EU now awaits further procedures at the Court of Justice of the EU.

While there is a possibility that Hungary may ignore a successful infringement, the EU has pledged to continue monitoring the implementation of the anti-LGBTQI+ law to support the Hungarian community and document any human rights violations.

The support of these member states is a significant step towards promoting the values of the EU and upholding the rights of every citizen. It sends a strong message to other countries within the EU that such discriminatory legislation will not be tolerated.

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