A training session called "My Worker Rights" 

A training session called "My Worker Rights" was held on April 8th, organised by the Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance with the initiative of Rauf Heydarov. Information about this training session was posted on the organisation's Facebook page. 

The trainer, Vafa Rustam, an expert in gender rights and lawyer, provided participants with information on general norms regarding labor rights, the concept of discrimination, difficulties that arise in labor relations processes, including discrimination during hiring, illegal termination of employment, workplace harassment, and ways to combat them. Members of the LGBTQI+ community, including social workers who work with the community, participated in the training. 

"My Worker Rights" was one of the winners of the small grants competition held within the framework of the Nafas LGBTI's "LGBTI+ Demands: Mental Health and Justice" program.

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