May 1 in Ankara: LGBTQI+s in the square

On May 1st, LGBTQI+ activists in Ankara defied a ban on rainbow flags imposed by the Ankara Police Department's organising committee by dispersing throughout the processions and waving LGBTQI+ flags at Tandoğan Square. 

The address for the May 1st International Workers' Day in Ankara was once again Tandoğan Square, where various labour unions and professional organisations gathered. The LGBTIQ+ organisations established a crisis centre to handle any potential negative situations that might occur throughout the day. 

Instead of forming a separate procession, the LGBTQI+ participants joined the processions of other organisations and marched with banners and flags. 

The rally host showed support for the LGBTQI+ participants and wished them a happy International Workers' Day, calling for a future where everyone is free from hate policies.

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