Feminist activist pressured: "She complained about the beating of f****ts"

On May 25, feminist activist Sahar Cahan shared a post on her Facebook account, stating that she had been contacted by the 24th police department and asked to come to the department.

When she asked about the reason for the summons and expressed her desire to come with her lawyer, the police officer told her that the reason was related to Sahar's complaint and that she did not need a lawyer.

Refusing to go without a lawyer and insisting on a written summons, Sahar Cahan noted that later the police contacted her father and went to the registered address:

"Finally, they knocked on my family's door, asking, 'Is Leyla (the activist's name in the documents) here?' Since they have no reason to bring me forcibly and cannot bring me against my will, they are trying to use my father to bring me forcefully.

I am filing a complaint with 102, and they tell my father why I complained and ask him to withdraw it. My father insists that I come with a lawyer.

They told my family that I 'complained about the beating of activists,' but I have never made such a complaint.

They are pushing my family to the limit, trying to come and forcefully remove me from my home."

The feminist activist lodged a complaint with the 102 service regarding the incidents. She relates the harassment to her recent support for LGBTQI+ activists.

On May 26, in response to her and her friends' complaints to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was stated that the summons was based on Sahar Cahan's Facebook status, where she witnessed the assault of a foreign citizen. The police stated that if she wants to file a complaint regarding the incident she witnessed, she can come to the 9th police department and submit an application.

It should be noted that in the mentioned Facebook status, Sahar Cahan criticised police indifference towards the assault of a foreign citizen and touched on the detention of LGBTQI+ activists Javid Nabiyev and Ali Malikov.

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