Trans woman was murdered in Baku

On the night of March 12, trans woman Aytan was murdered in the municipality of Khodjasan in Baku. LGBTQI+ activist Alex Shah shared this information on their social media account. Alex wrote: 'Trans woman Aytan has been brutally murdered. In the early hours of the morning, [photos] her body was found spread amongst the trans community. Trans women say that such incidents occur frequently and they no longer want to remain silent.'

According to the information provided by Alex to Minority Azerbaijan, they have been summoned to the Baku City Main Police Department regarding their Facebook post today. Alex Shah stated: 'They asked me for the contact information of the trans woman who informed me about this incident and requested that I come to the department to file a complaint. However, I informed them that I cannot provide the contact information due to the fear environment. There is a body and I am not supposed to file a complaint for the investigation of the case. I have sent the photo evidence to the police.'

LGBTQI+ rights organisation Minority Azerbaijan issued a call regarding the incident: 'Our thoughts are with the young trans woman Aytan and her loved ones and the trans community after the tragic murder in Khodjasan. We urge anyone with information that could help the police in their investigation to come forward.'

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