Puerto Rico bans conversion therapy for minors

Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló has signed an executive order banning so-called gay conversion therapy on minors.

He tweeted a picture of himself signing the executive order.

He wrote: “Today we sign and executive order that prohibits conversion or restrictive therapies to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of minors. These therapies lack a scientific basis and, in addition, cause unnecessary harm and suffering to LGBT+ people.”

Rosselló first announced his decision last week, days after a bill on the subject was blocked in the House of Representatives by his own party, the New Progressive Party.

In explaining his motivations to take a decisive stance against conversion therapy, Rosselló said: “I strive for Puerto Rico to be a society in which everyone, no matter who they love, can be accepted and live without fear of persecution. This includes the most vulnerable in society, our children, who must be supported and loved. Conversion therapy does not benefit anyone in any way, it only causes unimaginable pain and suffering.”