“Salaam Cinema” aims to hold events, exhibitions, screenings, and discussions dedicated to equality, unity, and diversity. 

The other goal of the cinema is to support local cinematography. This time we are inviting you to both watch two local movies, and have a discussion around gender, one of the most pressing topics of the day.

We will be joined by the experts on the topic, Nisa Hajiyeva, Zumrud Jalilova, and Gunel Mehdiyeva, and also the directors of the films to aid our discussion.

Entrance is free.

“I would like seven sons, only one girl, bride” (2002)
Ali Isa Jabbarov
Documentary/25 min/Azerbaijan
sub EN

“A son is the pillar of the house, the essence of a household, may God bless you with a son…” Selective abortion, violence and discrimination faced by women, folklore, myths, religion, and woman. The documentary illuminates the gender landscape of Baku in the beginning of the 21st century.

“The second bullet” (2017)
Natig Rasulov
Fiction/18 min/Azerbaijan
sub EN

“The second bullet” describes the events happening in an Azerbaijani village during the wedding night. The tradition of “two bullets” is used to let all the residents of the village know about the result of the wedding night. Things go wrong because of a small mistake, and the characters are left facing a tough situation. 

Date and time: 22 April, 19:00

Address: Salaam Cinema, Suleyman Rustam 10