Few days ago trans woman Aysu Mammadli who is a sex worker was stabbed by a person who introduced himself as a client. Based on the information LGBTQ+ activist Seymur Nazar gave us, the tragedy happened on June 18th. Mammadli was stabbed 11 times before she lost her life. 

"Since no one wants a trans employee in Azerbaijan, most of trans women are sex workers as Aysu Mammadli. A person  introduced himself as a client and proposed her a good amount of money, after that they left together"

S.Nazar says

How it happened: Nazar says that Aysu was first stabbed in the throat and beaten. After that, she was stabbed in the back at least 5 times. Only 14 hours later neighbors called the police when they saw blood marks. A criminal case has been opened under Article 120.1 of the Criminal Code, premeditated murder.

What her friends say: Her friends believe that she was killed somewhere else and was dragged to that apartment based on the boozes on her legs and knees. Blogger Ata Abdullayev also filmed Mammadli few months ago and posted it on social media. Reportedly, 2 days prior to her death, Mammadli told her hairdresser that her uncle is threatening to kill her after seeing the video. The uncle is still free. 

The next day, on June 19th, around the metro station "20th January" another trans woman (doesn't want to disclose her identity) was attacked with knife. She was stabbed in the neck and shoulder, she hardly escaped by jumping out of the car. 

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