Rights defender: Trans lives are in danger

As reported earlier, a trans woman was stabbed in various parts of their body in the Sabail district this afternoon. Although the victim was taken to the Republican Clinical Hospital, the patient was released shortly afterwards while the bleeding continued. They were returned to hospital after the complaints from their relatives.

Mikroskop media reported video from the Republican Clinical Hospital. According to the victim's friend Malak, the officers of the 39th police station do not want to investigate the criminal case.

The victim is currently in hospital. According to them, the pain in their body is severe. Their girlfriends were invited to the 39th police station as witnesses. 

According to LGBTIQ+ rights defender Gulnara Mehdiyeva, trans individuals in the country are currently facing mass discrimination. For some, this means that their daily lives are in danger. According to her, the most vulnerable group transgenders often engage in sex work because they face difficulties finding work.

This is the third stabbing incident in the last two months, acccording to Mehdiyeva. "Violence and hatred against transgenders and LGBTQ+s in general are systemic in the country." According to her, this systematic violence is carried out by both citizens and law enforcement agencies. 

We would like to note that in 2017 and 2019, law enforcement agencies "hunted" transgenders and gays. In addition, according to this year's ILGA-Europe report, Azerbaijan is on the list of the worst countries in Europe in terms of LGBTIQ+s rights and the situation of LGBTIQ+s in the country.

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