Blogger Sevinj Huseynova threatened trans folks with death

Blogger Sevinj Huseynova, who made a cruel transphobic and homophobic anti-LGBTI+ video appeal in July this year, demanding the community's isolation from society and public places, made a similar statement again on August 25.

She once again addressed the trans community on his Instagram page. Commenting on the burning of a trans woman in the woods a couple of weeks ago, Sevinj Huseynova saw the guilt in the murdered woman and said: "It means that you have disturbed the society that a trans woman has already been killed."

Addtionally, the blogger threatened trans folks with death. She said: "Be clever and then just try to live quietly, or they will kill many more trans!" Because we have brave sons [red. men] in this country, who will not allow you to do a thousand tricks in front of their mothers, sisters, families and children!”

It should be noted that after Sevinj Huseynova's previous queerphobic speech, 8 trans community members came to the 17th police station in Baku and filed a complaint and demanded that the relevant authorities to legally assess the event and take legal action against the blogger.

On the evening of August 24, when community members protested against the recent murder of a trans woman, again drew attention to Sevinj Huseynova's phobic calls, claimed that such calls lead to the murders.

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