Evening of Feminist/Queer poetry and meditation

Feminist/Queer poetry and meditation evening will be held on 2 October. It will be an evening where West and East, spirituality and reality, poetry and music, dance and silence will meet each other. 

In the first part of the event will feature reading and discussion of the feminist/queer poems selected by everyone. Then there will be meditation through Sufi whirling accompanied by music.

The organizer of the event, Nisa Hajiyeva, told Minority Azerbaijan: “Recently, there has been a lot of opression from various bloggers on both feminists and the queer community. I think everyone is very tired and we need to rest from this oppression and hate speech, to relax through meditation and peace.” 

According to Nisa Hajiyeva, although the theme of queerness has always existed in Eastern culture, it has been a little discussed in our society. Therefore, the event will also widely focus on this topic.

The event is scheduled to start at 19.00 on October 2 and last for 4 hours. To participate in the event, you need to register by clicking on this link. Given the size of the venue, only 15 participants will be selected.

The venue and address of the event will be emailed to the selected participants.


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