QueeRadar published 2020 media monitoring

QueeRadar - media's queer monitoring platform has released the results of monitoring covering 2020.

The monitoring tried to find answers to the following questions:

  • What do LGBTQ+ citizens remember about last year?

  • How did the Azerbaijani media cover the current events related to LGBTQ+?

  • How did the media react to the persecution and killing of LGBTQ+s?

  • In what context, within what boundaries, from whom was the news prepared, from whom was it not taken, from what point was it exaggerated, and in what background was it prepared?

You can use the link to view the report. 

QueeRadar is an initiative to identify, publicise and combat LGBTIQ+phobia in the media. Its aim is to show LGBTIQ+phobic content in the Azerbaijani press, to form their archive, and to achieve the development of the press on this topic.

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