Two trans women killed are latest victims in 2021’s ‘epidemic of trans violence’

Two trans women have been recorded as the latest victims of 2021’s deadly “epidemic of violence” towards the trans community in the USA.

Rubi Dominguez, a Latina trans woman, was killed in a violent car crash in the early morning hours of 16 July in Arlington, Texas, TransGriot reported. She was found by police at the 2100 block of N Collins Street with injuries believed to be caused by a hit and run accident.

Police later confirmed that her cause of death was from a vehicle and believe the car involved was orange and could be a Mitsubishi Mirage.

Keeva Scatter, a Black trans woman, was fatally shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 15 October. She was just 34-years-old.

According to TransGriot, Scatter was found dead in a grassy field at the 4100 block of W Brookstown Dr near Prescott Rd.

Police currently have no leads and are still investigating Scatter’s murder.

Sadly, there is very little information reported about Scatter’s personal life.

Keeva Scatter and Rubi Dominguez are the 54th and 55th trans people violently killed in the US last year. 

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