15-year-old teenager subjected to violence by her family

Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance reports that, 15-year-old teenager is subjected to violence by her family and put under house arrest in Baku. 

The teenager, who did not want to be named, said that she ran away from home a week ago as her family put her under house arrest. The next day, she met her friend who supported her, however later her friend was taken to the police station. The teenager went to the police so that her friend, who faced violence at the police station, would not be harmed anymore.

At the police station, the teenager told the police that her family had put her under house arrest and that her cousin had molested her. She was told she would be sent to a shelter by the police if there is a case of molestation and she does not want to go to her family.  

According to the teenager, her father covered up the issue by bribing the police. The abusive and molester cousin was not prosecuted. The teenager, who had to be placed in a shelter, was forced to live with her family.

“Currently, the teenager is subjected to violence by her family and she is in need of psychological support,” said LGBTI+ rights activist Ali Malikov to Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance.

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