Nafas LGBTİ: "A and 24 Others" podcast

Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance introduced a new podcast. The topic of the podcast is “A and 24 others” film by Vusala Hajiyeva and her creative works. In this podcast, Nigar and the founder of “Transvisionary” and film director Vusala Hajiyeva who was invited as a guest, talked about the art, Vusala’s creative work.

To listen to the podcast, please follow the link

Since 2012 Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance has been working for social change, social organization, education and political reforms in leading issues of the day. The main purpose of the organization is to end discrimination and marginalization against LGBIQ+s and women in Azerbaijan. Nafas LGBTI promotes diversity in Azerbaijani civil society and integration of marginalized persons into social life.

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