Anti-LGBTI+ rally was held in Istanbul

Anti-LGBTI+ rally was held in Istanbul. This was reported by Dokuz 8 Haber. The news says that the Platform for Unity in Thought and Struggle has planned to organise a rally in Sarachhane Park and a march to Beyazit Square on September 18 under the name "Great Family Reunion".

T-shirts, caps and sandwiches with the Türkiye flags were distributed to the participants of the rally. At the stands located at the entrance to the territory, the participants were asked to sign and send a demand text titled "Protect family and descendants; Stop heresy" to the President of Türkiye. 

In the mentioned text, LGBTI+s were called "deviant" and demanded that "all their deviance" be recognised as a crime and measures should be taken against them. 

RTÜK (Türkiye's Radio and Television Supreme Council) allowed the promotional video of the rally to be broadcast on television as a "public announcement".

Many political parties and democratic organisations have demanded that the permission to hold the rally be revoked, stressing that the organisers of this anti-LGBTI+ event and the Istanbul Governorate, who allowed it, and RTÜK, who allowed the release of the rally video under the name of "public announcement", have committed a crime.

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