Poland just had its first LGBTI-inclusive prom and it was damn adorable.

In a video posted earlier this week, it showed Polish pupils preparing for their prom. The Bednarska High School in Warsaw held a ‘Equality Prom Dance’ to honour senior year LGBTI students. Over 70% of LGBTI Polish youth have tried or considered suicide. So to combat this, Bednarska school threw a prom like no other.

Prom is special for everyone

Cans of hairspray, ironed shirts and nervous faces make-up the video’s opening minutes. ‘The prom is a very special moment, but not for everyone,’ a voiceover says. But when the teens got to their prom, they were met by crowds fo cheering friends, family and school faculty members.A student said: ‘We are dancing the Equality Prom Dance to show our love and support for our gay friends who are constantly having to hide their love. ‘We have had enough of a society who chooses to accept those easily acceptable.’ ‘I just wish equality wasn’t something you had to fight for,’ one student said.

"70% of LGBTI Polish youth consider suicide" 

Equality Parada, a Warsaw-based LGBTI advocacy group, organized the prom. They have held annual Pride parades in the Eastern European nation’s capitol since 2001. ‘70% of LGBTQ youth in Poland have tried or considered suicide,’ Equality Parade told Towleroad. ‘So we cannot overstate the importance of not only holding the prom but the story reaching the rest of the world.’ 

Poland vetoed inclusion of LGBTI rights in an EU statement last year.