Costa Rica president vows to legalize same-sex marriage before court deadline

Same-sex couples will automatically be able to wed in May 2020

Costa Rica will legislate same-sex marriage before it becomes legally automatically in line with a Supreme Court ruling, the country’s president said.

Alvarado told the Associated Press he would take action before a May 2020 court deadline.

‘We are, as a government, do everything that [same-sex marriage] is respected as a right’

In August last year, Costa Rica’s Supreme Court found the Family Code, which prevents same-sex marriage, was unconstitutional.

The ruling said that if there was no legislation within 18 months, same-sex marriage will automatically come into law.

Alvarado in December passed legislation to afford LGBTI citizens more rights.

New measures allow same-sex couples in Costa Rica the right to receive a housing allowance for low-income families.

Legislation also recognizes same-sex transnational partnerships and extends the recognition of gender identity to migrants.

Costa Rica also passed legislation last year which will allow trans individuals to register under their assigned gender.