According to, today, the Baku Court of Grave Crimes has completed the trial on the case of Rafiq Shikhaliyev, who was accused of causing the death of the victim.

Judge Eldar Mikayilov presided over the verdict.

According to the verdict, Article 126.3 (deliberate causing severe health injuries, causing death of the victim by negligence) has been referred to Article 124  (causing death of the victim by negligence) of the Criminal Code, which was accused by R. Shikhaliyev and he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.

It turned out that the incident happened last year in Baku's Nizami district. R. Shikhaliyev got acquainted with LGBTQI person R.B. (names have been changed) on the street when leaving the wedding hall and going home.

Later, R. Shikhaliyev paid 50 manats to have sex with, assuming the person is woman (ed: cisgender woman). R.B told him she is not a woman he is looking for, Shikhaliyev asked his 50 manats back. At this point, a dispute arose between the two parties. R. Shikhaliyev hit the person. The victim was taken to the hospital, died there after a while.