Erdogan's statement on family change in the constitution

President of Türkiye, Erdogan, in response to chairperson of Republican People's Party Kılıçdaroğlu's speech on the hijab, said, "With the LGBT, they tried to degenerate our family structure." The Minister of Justice of Türkiye started working on the bill that would discriminate against LGBTI+s in the Constitution.

“The concept of family is already indispensable for us. Because a strong nation comes from a strong family. Now we have to do this work too. Because lately they have introduced LGBT into society. Together with LGBT, they tried to degenerate our family structure. So we will do what is necessary. We already know who is pro-LGBT. But let's come as a family and put it there. Let's see how he will defend this time," - said the 12th president of Türkiye.

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