EU: Lack of protection of the fundamental rights of LGBTIQs raises serious concerns

The European Commission criticized violence, hate speech, censorship and discrimination against LGBTIQ people in its 2022 Turkey report.

The European Commission has published the 2022 Turkey report on the European Union candidacy process. In the report, Turkey's situation regarding LGBTI+ rights was also discussed in detail.

Stating that violence, discrimination and hate speech against LGBTIQs are alarming, the Commission also criticized the lawsuit filed against Tarlabaşı Community Center.

Emphasizing that stigma, hate speech and discriminatory discourse targeting LGBTIQ non-governmental organizations and individuals are on the rise, the European Commission reminded that discrimination continues in prisons.

The findings of the Commission included in the report are as follows: 

“Failure to protect the fundamental rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people continued to raise serious concerns. Current legislation does not cover hate speech and hate crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Hate speech and smear campaigns against the LGBTIQ community by elected or appointed government officials and the media have increased. Discrimination, intimidation and violence against the LGBTIQ community continued. Hate speech and crimes against LGBTIQ persons were not prosecuted effectively. A number of cases focusing on the murder of LGBTIQ persons are still pending. There has been an alarming increase in attacks against LGBTIQ people. Access to gender reassignment surgery and to health and social services remains a challenge for trans people. LGBTIQ prisoners reportedly suffer from discrimination and solitary confinement. In many provinces, LGBTIQ activities and pride parades have been banned or blocked by the police.” 


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