Tbilisi is getting ready for its first Pride

LGBTI community in Tbilisi is getting ready for the gay parade. The Pride Parade will take place on 18-23 June. The organizers made a statement on Tbilisi Pride Facebook page.

The statements says: 

• We are persecuted in our families, schools, streets and at workplaces. Our homes are being broken into and we are kicked out of our households. We are being murdered!

• We are not few and will leave no one alone!

• We are students, waiters, musicians, designers, artists, writers, athletes, doctors, police officers, journalists, miners, taxi drivers, social workers, politicians, clergy persons…

• We are your children, parents, siblings, friends, relatives, coworkers, and neighbors.

• We are You!

On 18-23 June, different social, cultural and political activities are taking place within the frame of Tbilisi Pride. The pride week will be concluded by a March of Dignity, which will not take a festive shape since unfortunately we queers have little to celebrate in Georgia today.