Gay man forced to move from Cornwall after ‘horrific’ homophobic attack: ‘I don’t feel safe’

A man who was a victim of homophobic attack while on a night out in Cornwall has said he’s been forced to move away in fear of his safety.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was reportedly assaulted and subjected to homophobic verbal abuse in July this year, in the small town of Camborne.

According to the BBC, the homophobic attack took place as the man was leaving a pub with his friends.

He described the incident as “just horrific” and said his attacker “just kept punching and kicking”.

The devastating event led to the man being hospitalised with his injuries and he has since moved to Birmingham.

“Since that incident happened I really don’t feel safe walking around there [Camborne]. I keep shaking, when I hear a bang I jump, I’m always looking behind me,” he said.


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