US politics is now so queer officials are quoting RuPaul at each other: ‘Yaaaaaasssss henny’

Robert Garcia, soon to be the first gay, immigrant member of Congress, is well and truly ready to paint the US Capitol building pink.

Garcia, the current mayor of Long Beach, California, beat out Republican businessman John Briscoe to win a seat in the US House of Representatives. He is the the first LGBTQ+ immigrant to hold a position in Congress, after moving to the US from Peru as a child.

Taking to Twitter to celebrate, the congressman-elect quote-tweeted an article marking his victory as an out gay immigrant.

He added: “Just wait till I start quoting @RuPaul on the House floor.” The statement was complete with a nail, pride flag and sparkle emoji.

The congresswoman-elect for Texas’s 30th district, Jasmine Crockett, replied with her support.

“Yaaaaaaas! Can’t wait to see you, friend!”, Crokett said.

Garcia replied (complete with gif of the iconic Latrice Royale): “Yaaaaaaasssssss henny, I mean Congresswoman-Elect.”


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