Organising Social Work with Vulnerable Groups | Nafas LGBTI

Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance presented the next episode of the Mental Health podcast series.

The topic of this episode was "Organising of social work with vulnerable groups - Queer social work" and the guest was social worker Elnur Musayev.

The episode discussions were about "vulnerable groups" and concepts of social work, queer work and its difference from traditional social work, the role of the social worker in the acceptance of sexuality and queer identity, including what happens in accepting the sexuality of adolescents in queer social work practice, the shortage of queer psychologists and psychiatrists, queer children issues such as tips for parents were discussed.

You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud or Spotify.

The 2022-2023 Mental Health podcast series is presented within the framework of the "LGBTI+s Demand: Mental Health and Justice" program, which is jointly supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID Azerbaijan) and the Black Sea Cooperation Fund (BST).

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