A film about Avaz Hafizli was screened

On February 23, the presentation of the documentary dedicated to the memory of the late LGBTQ+ activist, journalist Avaz Hafizli took place. The presentation was organised by LGBTQ+ activist Ali Malikov, journalist Nurlan Libre and Minority Azerbaijan organisation.

The author of the idea of the film "Queer Fate: Avaz Hafizli" is Ali Malikov, the director is Miray Deniz, the cameraman is Nurlan Libre. At the event, Avaz Hafizli's friends shared their memories of him and commemorated his struggle.

It should be noted that on February 22 of last year, LGBTQ+ activist Avaz Hafizli was killed on the grounds of homophobia by his relative. Although he repeatedly stated that his life was in danger, the state institutions left his appeal unanswered. The 9 years and 6 months prison sentence for the murderer of Awaz caused dissatisfaction of the activists. They complained about the lack of punishment and the fact that the crime was motivated by hate.

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