Uganda to be planning a new anti-gay law

Uganda is expected to propose a new anti-gay bill, according to an audio recording of the country’s speaker of parliament, Annet Anita Among. This was reported by Afrika News.

Sexual minorities have traditionally faced widespread persecution in the country, where anti-gay and transphobic views are common.

But, while homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda, there has not been a conviction for consensual same-sex activity since the country’s independence from Britain in 1962.

The news of the proposed bill comes as conspiracy theories blaming shadowy international forces for "promoting homosexuality" flood Ugandan social media.

This accusation is routinely directed at Western governments and aid agencies in the country, who repeatedly defend the LGBTQ community from attacks related to their identity.

At the same time, the Ugandan government last month set up a committee to investigate the alleged "promotion" of gay, lesbian, and transgender rights in schools.

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