Kalben talked about the trans pride flag in Baku concert

On March 10th, Turkish singer Kalben held a concert in Baku. One of the memorable moments of the concert was when Kalben hung the trans rights activist Miray Deniz's trans flag on stage. In her Instagram post about this, she wrote:

"This is my first time in Baku. It took me five albums to get here, but I finally made it. I sang my favorite songs with you, and the light from my broken soul leaked out to you. I wrapped Miray Deniz's 🏳️‍⚧️ flag (the trans pride flag) around my chest. I sang these songs like I was praying for all races, languages, religions, genders, identities, and beings to live, love, and be together, whether they are single or multiple. I signed autographs and was so excited that I couldn't sleep."

It should be noted that Kalben is also known as an advocate for women's rights. Her book, "The Fire of the Old World," talks about two women's struggles, dreams, and goals in a patriarchal world.

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