Call for Visual Essays from Çağdaşçılar

Çağdaşçılar invites all authors, essayists, researchers, artists, and writers to submit visual essays.

What is a visual essay?

A visual essay is a video prepared to convey any topic using text-to-speech, as well as elements containing photo, video, animation, and/or other visual content. Visual essays are typically used for purposes such as sharing personal experience, arguing theory, explaining complex problems to a general audience, or depicting social problems.

Çağdaşçılar states that they are open to visual essays on all topics between art and society. However, authors are first asked to fill out an application form and to provide detailed and specific information about the topic they wish to research. The authors' topics will be selected by the Çağdaşçılar team and contributors, and will be notified by email by April 9. Honorarium is planned for selected authors, and it is noted that a discussion will be held with the author after selection.

Format: The author should write 1000-1200 words on the selected topic (including the opinions of some experts in audio, video, or citation format). Then, the author should record the entire written text as an audio and submit it to the Çağdaşçılar with all visuals such as photos, videos, or animations.

The final video is expected to be no longer than 10 minutes, but Çağdaşçılar states that exceptions are possible.

According to the team, payment will only be made after the work is completed and the video is shared.

Application form:

Application deadline: March 31, 2023.

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