Russian rock band Dezery has released  

video about same-sex love

The Russian group Dezery, playing in the style of indie rock, released a video for the song “Wings” about the love of a young girl to her new friend.

The video was shot by director Alexei Bochenin. In the story, the girl falls in love with her new hooligan girlfriend and, wanting to be like her, changes radically. The clip shows the tender relationship between the girls, their first kiss and the conflict with the main character's mother. 

Over three days, over 50 comments have appeared under the video, the overwhelming majority of which are positive. 

The Moscow group Dezery exists since the beginning of 2017. In April of the same year, the band released the single “Worlds Collide”. In 2018, Dezery published their Russian-language mini-album “Taste of Freedom” and shot two videos for the songs “Indian Ocean” and “Bridges”.

In March 2019 the band released a new video for the song “Wings” and the album “Demons”. “The sound is imbued with 80s spirit: vintage synthesizers, powerful guitars and emotional vocals. The themes of the songs on the album are connected with personal problems, feelings and struggles with them - internal demons,” - the band members say.

Earlier same-sex kisses in the clip of singer Svetlana Loboda caused a storm of indignation and accusations of the singer in “gay propaganda”.