Robert De Niro has spoken about his gay son’s experience of Trump’s America in a new interview.

The iconic actor revealed the two discuss his child’s ‘worries’ about being treated a certain way in the current political climate

Speaking to The Guardian, De Niro said: ‘Yeah, I worry, and one of my kids is gay, and he worries about being treated a certain way. We talk about it.’

Double Oscar winner De Niro has starred in films like Taxi Driver and The Godfather.

‘He just got worse’

De Niro did not clarify which of his four sons is gay. He has six mixed-race children, including two daughters, in total.

The iconic actor has previously revealed his late father, Robert De Niro Sr., was gay. He revealed in the 2014 documentary Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro, Sr that he never discussed his father’s sexuality with him.

He said in the film: ‘Obviously, I realize now that it was hard for him.’

The star furthermore continued: ‘He had a lot of classic conflicts about all of that. … I’m his son, I’m the last person to know.’