Rights activists in the Serb-run part of Bosnia were assaulted following the ban of an LGBTQI+ event over the weekend, citing security concerns. This was reported by ABC news.

The activists were attacked by a few dozen men who chased them through the streets, hurling insults and punches. Several activists were hurt, including one who required medical attention. 

The cancelled LGBTQI+ event was organised and supported by several rights groups from across Bosnia and was to include a movie screening followed by a panel discussion. 

Homophobia remains deep-seated in Bosnia, despite some progress over the years in reducing discrimination. 

The violence in Banja Luka prompted condemnation from European Union officials, several Western embassies, and international organisations. The U.S Embassy in Sarajevo tweeted that the Bosnian Serb authorities "must identify and prosecute those who committed this heinous act."

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