Karamollaoğlu targets LGBTI+ individuals

Karamollaoğlu targets LGBTI+ individuals. This was reported by Kaos GL. 

Temel Karamollaoğlu, the leader of Saadet Party, a member of the Nation Alliance, discriminated against non-heterosexual families in his speech at the "Expanded Provincial Council Meeting" held by his party at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul.

Speaking about "family," Karamollaoğlu targeted LGBTI+ individuals and said, "If the concept of family is disrupted, you cannot maintain society. We cannot consent to the degeneration of the concept of family. We must know this. A family consists of a man, a woman, and children. We must not forget this. Two men or two women coming together and saying 'we are also a family,' that's ridiculous. We consider the concept of family essential for the society to remain alive and vibrant."

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