Türkiye: Lynching attempt against LGBTIQ+s in Newroz

Lawyers from the Diyarbakir Bar Association and the Diyarbakir Branch of the Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD) have published a report on the Newroz celebrations held in Diyarbakir on March 21. 

The report highlights the disproportionate intervention against citizens who wanted to attend the Newroz celebrations despite permission being granted. The report also documents arbitrary detentions, discriminatory and abusive treatment, the banning of traditional clothing and clothing items with yellow, red, and green colours that do not constitute a crime. 

The report also notes that police attempted to prevent LGBTQI+ flags from being brought into the area and that there were homophobic attacks against LGBTQI+s at the event. At least five people had their phones stolen during the knife attacks, and despite reporting the situation to police, no intervention was made.

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