Rita Ora's scandalous T-shirt

Rita Ora marked Valentine's Day this week by repping it for the LGBT community, in a move that immediately sparked an unintentionally hilarious case study in how fragile homophobes truly are.

It all began when the 'Let You Love Me' singer, who opened up publicly about her relationships with women last year following the release of her single 'Girls', rocked a t-shirt featuring two men kissing while out and about in New York on 14the of February.

Sharing a series of images of herself in the amorous outfit on Instagram with an inclusive message of love, Rita wrote: "Kiss everyone you love today. Happy Valentine’s Day."

The top worn by the 28-year-old star features the picture of models and real-life partners Edoardo Velicskov and Pablo Rousson which memorably appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia's September 2017 issue.

While there was plenty of love and support for the eye-catching fashion choice, the anti-gay brigade inevitably began sullying the comments section as they aimed their bile firmly at a thin piece of cotton and polyester blend fabric.

"I thought Valentines day was about celebrating your love for the one close to your heart and not using it for certain people agendas. Not cool Rita," wrote one user.

Another outraged keyboard-basher - seemingly not making up for in originality what they clearly lack in brain cells - added: "When God created humanity God created ADAM and EVE not ADAM AND STEVE".

Of course, homophobes being the inanely ignorant creatures that they are, many of the comments bordered on the absurdly humorous.

"The bible said find ya soul mate not just a mate. i love you babe", wrote one disgruntled fan tragically unaware of their idol's membership of the LGBT community.

Another budding sociologist added: "Soon there will not be enough men for women lmao cuz they're all turning. I don't understand is it too much hormones in the food that's making men more feminine."

One girl claiming to have more than a few gay BFFs politely requested asked that gay people limit their contact to "hugging and holding hands."

"I don't hate gay people. Actually, I have a few really close gay friends that are gay. The only thing I don't like watching them kiss. Hugging and holding hands is fine, but kissing kinda weirds me out," she wrote.

It was perhaps all summed up best by the poor soul who meekly wrote: "I don't want it on my timeline, how the hell do I not see."

Erm, maybe start by unfollowing, deleting your account, and - just to be safe - never, ever, opening the front door again, hun.

Source: Attitidue UK