Event dedicated to IDAHOBIT targeted by REAL TV

On May 17, in relation to the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance and the "Qıy vaar!" platform showcased a film titled "Face-to-Face with the State: LGBTI+ and the Police." The event was covered in an article by the "Voice of America" media portal, and the author of the film, Sevgi Ismayilbayli, was interviewed.

On May 18, REAL TV, a television channel affiliated with the government, launched a malicious campaign regarding the aforementioned event based on the article published in the "Voice of America." In a video reportage posted on the channel's Facebook page, it was mentioned that, according to the "Voice of America" media, "several heads with the same gender in Azerbaijan are supposedly causing pain." The reportage also targeted Western countries and depicted LGBTQ+s as components contrary to family values.

"Actually, it is well known to the West that Azerbaijan and similar countries have family values and an institution that is a sensitive point, a yellow flag." - these sentences were accompanied by footage of the Azerbaijani military and conveyed a militaristic promotion against LGBTQ+ rights.

The reportage further alleged that the protection of LGBTQ+ rights is under Western control and their intentions towards Azerbaijan are "wicked and disgraceful." It was also claimed that the West considers the "decay of national principles'' in Azerbaijan as a condition. Additionally, the statement "Behind the rainbow colors, there are butchers." was voiced in the material.

It should be noted that this is the fourth hateful material published by REAL TV within two days related to May 17.

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