Protesters Target Government and Dictators at Pride in London

Pride in London saw passionate activism as protesters rallied for various causes during the event. 

Over a million attendees celebrated Pride in London on Saturday (1 July) through parades, performances, and embracing the vibrant atmosphere. This year, multiple activist groups used the occasion to raise awareness, resorting to disruptive tactics to capture attention.

Around 1:30 pm, Just Stop Oil protesters brought the parade to a halt by lying down in front of floats and spraying black paint on the road. The environmental activism group aimed to protest Pride in London's sponsorship deals, particularly involving major US airline United. They had previously issued demands, including transparency in sponsorship agreements and a call to end new gas and oil contracts.

As these demands were not met, activists announced their planned action on Friday (30 June) and proceeded to block the parade route on the day of Pride. The parade resumed at approximately 1:47 pm following the arrest and removal of seven individuals by the police.

PinkNews has contacted the Metropolitan Police for further updates on the arrests.

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