Nepal grants permission for same-sex marriage

Following a temporary court order issued on June 30 that allowed same-sex marriage in Nepal, same-sex couples have announced their preparation for registering their marriages. Activists have applauded the decision of Nepal's Supreme Court to grant permission for same-sex marriage.

The Supreme Court reviewed a petition filed by gay rights activists and issued a temporary order allowing the registration of same-sex marriages until a final verdict is reached, which was expected by July 5.

"This is a significant and historic decision," said Pinky Gurung, the president of the Blue Diamond Society, an LGBTQ+ rights organisation. Gurung stated that approximately 200 same-sex couples are waiting for their marriages to be registered.

In 2007, Nepal's Supreme Court had instructed the government to end discrimination against LGBTQ+s and ensure equal rights. Since then, some same-sex couples have held unofficial ceremonies, and the capital city of Kathmandu has hosted gay pride parades.

However, activists highlight that there is still no precise law, and LGBTQ+s continue to face discrimination in terms of family, society, education, government institutions, and healthcare.

Maya Gurung, another member of the LGBTQ+ community, mentioned that registering their marriages officially will help overcome several difficulties. "Now we will approach the authorities to register our marriage," said Gurung, referring to their partner of ten years, Surendra Pandey. 

"It may take some time."

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