The next panel discussion of Trans Remembrance Week

Nafas LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance has announced the successful completion of the next meeting of Trans Remembrance Week. Nafas LGBT shared on their social media account:

"We successfully concluded the next meeting of Trans Remembrance Week, where we came together with our community and friends to remember, or rather not forget, the 2017 events known within the community as the 'LGBTI+ hunt.' These events resulted in the imprisonment of more than 250 of our comrades, both officially and unofficially, throughout the entire 6th year. It was one of the largest crackdowns in recent years in this context."

During the first part of the panel discussion programme, the short film "A and 24 others," directed by trans activist and director Vusala Hajiyeva, founder of the Transvisionary platform, was screened. The film depicts the experiences of community members detained in 2017, addressing police violence and the difficulties they faced.

Later, a panel discussion took place with the participation of Vusala Hajiyeva, feminist and coordinator of Minority Azerbaijan organisation, LGBTI+ rights activist Gulnara Mehdiyeva, human rights lawyer Samad Rahimli, and moderated by Javid Nabiyev.

The panel discussed inhumane and degrading treatment faced by the affected individuals during the police raids in 2017, cases of torture and violence by the police, and the difficulties faced by the affected individuals after being released. Nafas LGBT stated that the panel also addressed "the perspectives on the legal aspects of the A and 24 others Against Azerbaijan case, including the legal aspects related to the 2017 events, sent to the European Court of Human Rights concerning the fulfilment of the social and legal needs of LGBTI+s and the potential perspectives for our community if the Court recognises legal violations."

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