"Georgian Dream" bans LGBTQI+ "propaganda"

Georgian Dream announces constitutional changes to outlaw queer ‘propaganda’ and gender transitioning.

Georgia’s ruling party has announced sweeping amendments to the constitution that would outlaw what it terms queer ‘propaganda’, including banning public demonstrations or publications that it deemed to ‘popularise same-sex family or intimate relations’. The proposed changes would also ban gender transitioning. This was reported by OC-Media

The changes were outlined by Georgian Dream’s parliamentary leader, Mamuka Mdinaradze, at a press conference on Monday morning.

Georgia’s draft Constitutional Law on Family Values and Protection of Minors would ban any gathering, product, or educational programme which ‘popularises’:

- ‘Same-sex families or intimate relations’

- ‘Same-sex or non-heterosexual’ child adoption

- Gender transitioning

- The idea there are more than two genders

- Incest

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