The police began arresting LGBT individuals since April 1

On April 1, the police detained LGBTQ individuals who are sex workers in several districts of Baku. There are about 14 people detained during raids used as hunting for transgender and gay individuals. Only 5 of them were identified. Two of them were fined under Article 510 of the Code on Administrative Offenses – Minor Hooliganism. While three detainees had official charges under section 535.1 (wilfully not obeying lawful orders of the police officer who engaged protecting of public order) of the Code of Administrative Offences.

According to the detainees, they were not provided with the lawyers before the court and did not have the opportunity to read accurately the documents they signed. Yesterday, one of the detainees was sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention by the Khagani District Court and another one with 15 days Binagadi District Court in Baku. The detainees were taken to the police custody at the Temporary Detention Centers of Police Departments and currently, are kept there.

The detainees were taken their fingerprints, saliva and blood samples and the photos of theirs were taken at police stations. It is not yet possible to identify the rest of detainees' identity. The friends and acquaintances of the detainees have not been let in the detainees in the Binagadi District Police Office temporary detention facility.

It should be noted that the past few years, Azerbaijan is ranked as the worst country for LGBTI in Europe by the international LGBTI organization ILGA-Europe rating. There are no laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Azerbaijan. Every year hate crimes and suicides cases on the basis of homophobia and transphobia are registered in the country.