Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds pleads for faith leaders to disavow gay cure therapy


Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds has urged religious leaders to disavow gay cure therapy

Reynolds, who is a member of the Mormon Church and a strong ally of LGBT+ rights, made the plea after a bid to ban conversion therapy was killed off in Utah.

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds: Orthodox leaders must denounce conversion therapy. 

In a series of messages on Twitter on Wednesday (March 20), Reynolds said: “I plead with our religious leaders across the world to stand up for equality together. true equality – not empty words of love – but statements and actions that show our LGBTQ youth that they are ‘sinless’ and perfect just as they are.

“Until these changes are made within the doctrines of orthodox faith, we will continue to see increased rates of suicidality and depression/anxiety amongst our LGBTQ youth.”

Reynolds added: “Until the leaders of all orthodox faiths denounce conversion therapy and accept our LGBTQ youth into full fellowship I believe we will continue to see a great exodus from all orthodox faith.