Several LGBTQ individuals were detained by police in Baku

According to LGBTQ community members who did not want their names to be disclosed, several transgender and gay individuals were taken to police stations in Baku on April 1 evening.

One of them was deceived and invited to the hotel to provide sex services and was detained by police there.

"When they called us to the meeting place, they pulled out handcuffs and took us to police departments."

Report says, the number of detained and fined persons is at least 8-9 people. They were also referred to forcible medical examination. However, the reason for the detention is unknown at present. It is added that the police are trying to "hunt" transgender people through the Internet.

The detainees were later taken to Binagadi District Police Department, the report said. 

Currently LGBTQ activists are trying to keep the issue in focus.

The similar events took place in September 2017. Dozens of the community members were arrested and fined.

More information will follow. 

UPDATED: According to the community, some of the detainees were taken from their homes to the police station. Currently, they have been sent from the Binagadi Police Department to the Skin-Venereal Dispensary.

UPDATED: According to the information, seven more were detained by the 40th police station. Some of the detainees were called by so-called clients and were invited to their homes and hotels and then handcuffed and taken to the police station. It is reported that at least some of them were fined under Article 510 of the Code on Administrative Offenses (Minor hooliganism). It is also noted that there are persons who have been sentenced under Article 535.1 of the code on Administrative Offenses (Disobedience to a lawful order by Police officers) to 10, 20 and 30 days in prison.