Attack on transgender people in Mardakan

Unknown men attacked five transgender women at a private beach in Mardakan on the evening of June 28. It is reported that the incident occurred on the basis of transfobia. According to the victims, they were subjected to verbal and physical abuse. One of them was hit by a bottle.

"Each of us were attacked by several people. Only couple of people on the beach tried to separate us. If they did not, we could have had more serious injuries."

According to the victims, the number of attackers was about 15-20 people. 10 of them left the scene by riding on two cars. It is also reported that one of the attackers is the world champion on sport.

The victims said they were worse in the next day.

Police officers and ambulance were called to the scene. Victims were delivered to City Clinical Hospital # 3 with various injuries. The investigation is underway.