Canadian father of two Dave Scott has gone viral on Twitter after sharing his love and support for his transgender son Jaden, even throwing a party to celebrate the one year anniversary of him starting testosterone treatment.

“So this month my 16 year old son started testosterone. Today he’s throwing a one year T-Versary. My kitchen is full of teens playing ‘beer’ pong and aching mock-tails, and we’ve got the Well the kids are upstairs now and time to start supper. Tacos!!!"

Throughout the night he shared cute updates to his Twitter followers who were eagerly awaiting the next part of the story, including Trans Pride cupcakes, words of affirmation and a (slightly bizarre) mixture of onion and chocolate.

And he had a message for other trans kids who may be struggling. 

“Lots of love to everybody out there, remember you guys are valid, no matter how you transition or what your journey entails. Stay safe everybody,” he said.