A trans woman was stabbed in Baku

Incident took place in the Sabail district this afternoon. An eyewitness said that a person who came to the house of a sexworrker trans woman as a client, stabbed them several times in different areas.

The victim was taken to the Republican Clinical Hospital. Their relatives and journalists waiting in front of the hospital said that the patient was released by doctors shortly even while the bleeding continued. They were returned to hospital after the complaints from their relatives. 

Witnesses also said that the suspect had already been detained by law enforcement agencies.

This is the third such incident in the last two months. On June 18, Aysun Mammadova was attacked by a person who introduced himself as client. The criminal killed Aysun with 10 stab wounds. One day later, two other sex workers were attacked by an unknown person, one of whom was stabbed in the back.

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