"Weak resistance. Agency beyond heroism"

"Weak resistance. Agency beyond heroism" Lecture by Ewa Majewska.
The feminine, queer, and colonized generate agency and resistance often invisible for the "Western eye", which tends to focus on the heroic, masculine and exceptional. Ewa’s presentation tends to revisit failure, weakness and the everyday as potentials for the undervalued, ignored and marginalized aspects of the political. She will be discussing the recent feminist movements, particularly – the International Women's Strike and the Women's Strike in Poland, as well as feminist and queer theories of the margins and the core.
Dr Ewa Majewska– is a feminist philosopher and activist, affiliated with the Institute of Cultural Inquiry (ICI) Berlin. She taught at the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University, she was also a visiting fellow at the University of California, Berkeley; ICI Berlin and IWM in Vienna. She published four booksand some 50 articles and essays, in journals, magazines and collected volumes, including: e-flux, Third Text, Journal of Utopian Studies or Jacobin. Her current research is in Hegel's philosophy, focusing on the dialectics and the weak, feminist critical theory and antifascist cultures. Her next book, "Counterpublics of the Common. Feminist Politics and Solidarity Today", will be published in 2021. She lives in Warsaw.

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Date: 21.02.2021
Time: 19:00 (Baku)
Online ZOOM
Language: English 
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